Exploro Ultra - extreme gravel

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Go Extreme

61mm WAM tire clearance
and longer wheelbase for extreme gravel but also compatible with fast 35-45mm WAM tires.

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Stay Aero

Wider downtube and new fork leg spacing to best redirect the air flow coming off a large front gravel tire.

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Choose your seatpost

Aero seattube with round seatpost for maximum aerodynamics and compatibility with standard, dropper and suspension seatposts.

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The Exploro Ultra, properly tested

"In Kos, it rains only 8 days per year!", and apparently all concentrated at the beginning of March when this expedition took place. Three cyclists had to face an unexpected, yet fascinating situation, and ride three days around this beautiful island of the Dodecanese archipelago testing the all new Exploro Ultra.

  • Luca and Andrea and I had only just met in person, but from the start it was easy to ride together. We kept up a strong pace and we were all excited. So excited that we made a mistake on the way

  • George and the crew that covered our mission were a little annoyed with our mistake but with the story of “Barba” Antonis we were absorbed. When they approached us and saw us sitting on the terrace they calmed down and they realized that this was the purpose of our trip.

  • From the previous day black clouds were coming from the east. The forecast said that the rain would start in the afternoon so we said to start early to be able to ride “dry” for most of the route.

  • I had been to Palio Pyli before in the summer when the colours on the rocks were a bit faded and everything around was dry. Now that everything was moistened by the humidity and bright green, the place looked completely different.

  • Before we started the trip I had imagined that when we were there it would be sunny but when we entered the area with the dunes it was as if a giant shower opened above us, the rain and the wind were coming from all directions.

  • Before reaching the city we stopped at the wetland that we accidentally skipped on the first day.. The breeze had dried our clothes a bit when we arrived at the port and the inconvenience from the rain seemed distant.

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